Hydraulics and Hydrology

  • Floods in rural areas
  • Floods in urban areas
  • Dam-break waves
  • Hydraulic design of dams
  • Hydraulic design of bridges in floodplains
  • Design of hydraulic components
  • Hydraulic design of shelter works for harbors
  • Hydraulic design of pipe systems and aqueducts
  • Density currents due to temperature and salinity


Erosion, Sedimentation and Morphology

  • Sedimentation in estuaries
  • Sedimentation in navigation channels
  • Fluvial morphology
  • Coastal morphology
  • Erosion control


Water Quality

  • Transport and fate of pollutants in surface water and groundwater
  • Discharges from sub-aquatic outfalls
  • Thermal discharges
  • Turbidity plumes associated to dredging activities
  • Water-sediment interactions


Environmental Impact

  • Hydro-sedimentologic impact of hydraulic works
  • Hydro-sedimentologic impact of infill
  • Hydro-sedimentologic impact of road works


Climate Change

  • Effects of clime on agro-systems
  • Decision making tools for agricultural planning and land use
  • Maps of flood risk for coastal areas


Water Resource Management

  • Water balance for basins
  • Balance for pollutants, nutrients and other chemical species
  • Evaluation and definition of criteria for water use
  • Evaluation of alternatives for pollution prevention and control