El PHC was born as Department of Numerical Modeling of the National Laboratory of Applied Hydraulics in 1969. in 1973 this laboratory was integrated to the INCYTH (National Institute of Hydric Cience and Technology) as the Applied Hydraulics Laboratory (LHA). In 1996 the institute became the current INA (National Institute for Water), depending from the Subsecretary for Hydric Resources of the Secretary Public Works, Ministry of Federal Planning, Investment and Services. It is locate on Ezeiza, on the Ezeiza-Cañuelas Highway, Jorge Newbery, km 1,620.

The PHC provides specialized services to third parties including numerical modeling and software development for hydraulic and enviromental problems, as well as general research on hydraulics and numerical modeling.

The LMM was funded in 2002 on the Hydraulics Department of the FIUBA. It is located on Av. Las Heras 2214, Buenos Aires city. It is mainly focused on hydraulic research.